Leading Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryosauna exclusively at CRYORVA.

Cryosauna exclusively at CRYORVA.

Cryotherapy is a form of therapy that involves exposing the body to very cold temperatures in order to control pain, inflammation and other types of discomfort or illness. 

People who are seeking fast and non-surgical solutions to manage pain are finding that cryotherapy is one of their best choices. The client simply enters a cryosauna where he or she is safely exposed to temperatures between -200 and -320F.

Although cryotherapy is effective for muscle pain, healing injuries and controlling pain, it has other uses as well. Many people find that sessions in the Cryosauna have a relaxing and therapeutic effect. Some of the reported benefits include reduced stress and better sleep. This type of therapy is also recommended for people who want to detox and enjoy better health. Some studies suggest that cryotherapy is also helpful for weight loss.

Cryotherapy is now available in more and more places. However, not all centers that offer this therapy are the same. At CRYORVA, services are administered by recovery specialists. Clients are able to fully customize their sessions with access to eight settings. CRYORVA’s Cryosauna is a spa-like environment with a premium grade leather interior cabin. Anyone who is seeking relief from pain, faster recovery from an injury or who is simply seeking a relaxing environment to unwind and relieve stress is likely to enjoy cryotherapy sessions.