Is NormaTec Right For You?


Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or participate in any type of intense sport or workout, there are many advantages to using NormaTec Pulse to speed up recovery time or enhance performance.  

Many elite athletes now use NormaTec, a technology that uses compressed air to stimulate circulation and the removal of potentially harmful fluids from the extremities after workouts. The St. Louis Rams even has its own NormaTec recovery room for its football players. Olympic athletes also use this technology extensively.

People Who Can Benefit From NormaTec:

NormaTec Pulse and Pulse Pro are not only useful for professional athletes. Thousands of people find this technology helpful for a variety of reasons.

  • Anyone who is active in sports or fitness. If you run, cycle, participate in marathons or triathlons, do CrossFit or participate in any type of vigorous activity, NormaTec can be highly beneficial.
  • Post-surgery rehab. If you’ve had surgery, Pulse Pro can help you recover faster.

Pre-workout. In addition to speeding up recovery time, using Pulse prior to workouts or athletic contests helps to enhance flexibility, prevent injuries and muscle aches.

These are some of the applications of NormaTec, one of the most promising innovations in safe and non-invasive therapies for pain management. NormaTec is one of the therapeutic services offered at the CRYORVA Active Recovery Center in Richmond, Virginia.