Localized cryotherapy is the delivery of hyper-cooled air to specific areas of the body for the management of pain and inflammation.

CryoRVA’ s newest service offering is designed to put the power of cryotherapy in the palms of our hands! It gives us the ability to help clients with acute injuries and chronic pain by directly applying cryotherapy to specific areas of the body. Like the Cryosauna, localized cryotherapy constricts the blood vessels in the targeted area; reducing muscle-related tension and soreness. This service is delivered using a mobile unit, allowing individuals with an aversion to full body exposure to cold temperatures to still reap the benefits of this cool technology. Clients can expect the following benefits from localized cryotherapy:

  • Increases in post-physical activity recovery time 
  • Heightened metabolism 
  • Reduction in swelling, inflammation and muscle spasms 
  • Reduction of stress 
  • Greater mobility if suffering from injuries to joints and/or edema

If you need relief from any of the above, schedule an appointment or simply visit our location and start the road to recovery now. We’d love to show you the latest and coolest method for localized pain management without a prescription.