Integrate rapid recovery in your regimen and schedule with the power of NormaTec compression therapy in the palm of your hands.

In conjunction with our state-of-the-art CryoSauna, we also offer NormaTec Compression & Recovery Systems to our clients. NormaTec compression therapy employs patented, sequential “pulse” technology to mirror the human body’s natural muscle movements and contractions during strenuous activity. Think massage, minus the masseuse. This equates to increased blood flow to targeted extremities, accelerated recovery and greater flexibility. We know this service is a must for avid runners, CrossFit enthusiasts, spin-class addicts and everyone in between! Come join us in the CryoRVA Recovery Lounge and experience our NormaTec products in person. We’re ready to help you RECHARGE.

People who regularly use Normatec therapy.

Maximum circulation for the MUSCLES

CryoRVA’s NormaTec products offer recovery and rehab services to our customers in a single, unified experience. Clients are comfortably zipped into our lightweight compression systems, providing a secure fit that can’t be obtained by obsolete products with Velcro fasteners. Once fitted, you have the autonomy to tailor your experience with digital controls, shifting pressure across 5 overlapping zones for optimal recovery. Join us in our Recovery Lounge and see for yourself. You may find yourself seated next to your favorite athlete or future Olympian!