Cryosaunas are engineered to provide you with a customized, spa-like treatment experience from beginning to end. 

CryoRVA’s Cryosauna was designed with client comfort among its highest priorities.  All of our competitors can usher you into a traditional cryochamber, very few give you the option to heat the body pre and post treatment. Our next generation technology allows you to control the user experience from the driver’s seat; options include adjustable multi-zone temperature controls, 8 pre-programmable settings, XL standard capacity cabin (440 lb. accomodation) and premium-grade leather lining the interior of the unit. Schedule an appointment and experience what it’s like to manage pain and control your recovery in luxurious form.

Top three common types of pain Americans suffer from.

NIH Pain Statistics survey, 2002.

REAP all the benefits of CRYOTHERAPY

Cryosauna treatments offer an array of well-documented benefits ranging from pain management and accelerated recovery, to notable increases in physical and athletic performance. Our Cryosauna REMOVES toxins by safely lowering the ambient temperature around the body to an acceptable range of -200 to -350F, triggering the sympathetic nervous system to respond accordingly. It REPLENISHES the blood with oxygen, purging impurities and helping to alleviate arthritis and inflammation. The end result is a decrease in RECOVERY time by 24-48 hours. Case studies also show promising data that cryotherapy serves as a viable, alternative treatment for migraines, post-surgical rehabilitation and some degenerative diseases. We invite you to do the research and contact us when you’re ready to REJUVENATE.